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Traditional Ear Spa vs Professional Ear Spa|What is Ear Spa -2|Hears HK- More than Earwax Removal

Updated: May 26

Hong Kong Earwax Removal
Differences between Traditional Ancient Ear Spa and Modern Professional Ear Spa

Ear spa has become a choice for relieving stress and relaxation. It is comfortable and beneficial to one's health.

Ear spa is becoming increasingly common, but what exactly is it? What is its history and purpose? PESA provides a free four-part series titled "What is Ear Spa?" to introduce relevant knowledge about it.

The simplest and most direct classification of ear spa (採耳) is "Traditional ancient method" and "Modern professional ear spa."

Traditional ear spa tools are very simple, typically consisting of an ear scoop, a cloud knife, and a feather. It used to be commonly found in barber shops. Later, ear spa services gradually expanded to foot spas, massage parlors, and other establishments, often offered alongside foot massages, haircuts, and pedicures.

The main purpose of these traditional ear spa services is to clean the ears, also known as "removing earwax." The procedure is relatively short, requires fewer tools, and does not use a camera since it only process on outer part of ear. Customers also do not have the opportunity to observe the condition of their ear canals.

Modern professional ear spa, on the other hand, has undergone significant improvements and innovations. New technologies have introduced ear spa cameras, allowing customers to observe the condition of their ear canals and even watch the ear spa process through live streaming. The ear spa camera can display the images of the ear canal on a TV screen, providing further insights into one's ear health.

Professional Ear Spa Association of Asia (PESA), translated "採耳" as "Ear Spa" to better convey the relaxing and comfortable effects of ear spa. The slogan of services brand Hears HK is "Not only Ear Cleaning, More than Earwax Removal".

Modern professional ear spa tools not only have more refined craftsmanship but also feature a variety of feathers, making the ear spa process more stress-relieving and comfortable. Additionally, sound healing tools such as tuning forks and singing bowls, along with aromatherapy oils and ear acupressure, create a holistic experience that combines auditory, olfactory, and tactile sensations with ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) elements. Through gentle sounds and soothing movements, customers can experience stress and tension relief. The longer duration of the procedure compared to traditional ear spa allows customers to enjoy a more relaxing and comfortable leisure experience.

Ear spa is an ancient method of ear care. As a healthy and relaxing activity, it can provide comfort and relaxation. If you are interested in having ear spa, it is advisable to seek out reputable ear spa establishments and choose certified ear spa practitioners who have received professional training.

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