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Ear Spa ≠ Ear Cleaning|What is Ear Spa -3|Hears HK- More than Earwax Removal

Updated: May 14

Hong Kong Earwax Removal

Ear spa has become a choice for relieving stress and relaxation. It is comfortable and beneficial to one's health.

Ear spa is becoming increasingly common, but what exactly is it? What is its history and purpose? PESA provides a free four-part series titled "What is Ear Spa?" to introduce relevant knowledge about it.

Ear spa, starting from the Ming Dynasty, has evolved from merely removing earwax to becoming a relaxation and health-promoting activity that is similar to ear massage. As a result, Master Hong, the founder of the Professional Ear Spa Association of Asia (PESA), translated "採耳" as "Ear Spa" to better convey the relaxing and comfortable effects of this super chill event.

However, some people still believe that ear spa is solely for the purpose of removing earwax and even think that earwax affects hearing. This misconception is incorrect. The true purpose of ear spa is to help people relax and promote ear health. Earwax does not necessarily affect hearing, as there are many other factors that can cause hearing problems.

During the process of ear spa, professional ear spa therapists use tools and techniques to gently help people relax and relieve stress. The main goal is to provide relaxation and enjoyment, while cleaning the ear canal is merely incidental.

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Furthermore, using "ear bathing/washing" to flush out earwax, using medical devices to "suck out earwax," or claiming to "treat fungal infections, otitis media, or ear fluid imbalance" are all acts of arrogant individuals engaging in potentially illegal medical practices.

Without proper medical training, "ear bathing/washing" may cause damage to the ear canal, leading to infections or other ear problems. Ear diseases require medication for treatment, and ear spa therapists are not trained in pharmacology, so they cannot prescribe medication to clients. Additionally, the middle ear and cochlea (where ear fluid is located) are behind the eardrum and are not accessible to the general public.

Therefore, professional ear spa therapists do not perform "ear bathing/washing" and do not treat ear diseases such as external otitis, fungal infections, otitis media, or ear fluid imbalance. This is to ensure the health and safety of clients' ears.

Ear spa therapists should undergo professional training and acquire knowledge of ear anatomy, physiology, and medical regulations before practicing. So-called ear spa therapists without professional knowledge only contribute to the absurd misconception of "treating otitis media through ear spa."

Each person's ears are unique, and the shape and size of the ear canal may vary. Before undergoing ear spa, it is advisable to consult the ear spa therapists about the process, methods, precautions, and risks involved.

Ears are vital organs in the human body and the sole sensory organ for hearing. There are only two eardrums that are used for listening, communication, and interaction. Responsible ear spa therapists possess accurate and professional knowledge of ear. They also uphold ethical standards to bring relaxation and comfort to clients while promoting ear care and maintaining the health of this crucial organ.

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